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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Indian Sweets And Snacks

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Namkeens, as a category comes under snack market. This market includes namkeens, biscuits, chocolates and other snacks. No household would like to have tea without snacks, and if you would like to have something salty, how about Lehar Namkeen! Lehar Namkeen was launched almost 15 years back with innovation small packs and traditional flavors. Later in 2006 when it was re-launched it came with a plank ‘taste jayada kyunki oil taza’. You might surely have heard hundred times “kya karein control hi nahi hota” the tagline of Lehar Namkeen on Television advertisement and have definitely added some spice to your tea time with this crunchy namkeen. As it has promised to provide great taste, high quality and fresh, Lehar Namkeen is undoubtedly preferred by lot many people. For the first time Lehar gave consumers the option of snacking namkeens on the go.

Leher Namkeen Initially though Lehar launched two variants but aimed to spread the underlying message “chota pack, badi range”. Customers tend to associate themselves with aloo bhujia as this was the first product launched by Lehar. However as of now Lehar has a wide huge variety of namkeens. As Online shopping has made shopping more convenient and comfortable. You get the things in discounted rates with many added offers. Household products and other fast moving consumer goods are already available online. Now the snacks too are added into the list. Now your favorite Lehar Namkeen is available online. You do not have to even step out to from your comfortable zone to look for it in the shops when you crave for the tasty Lehar Namkeen, you can only log on to your computer and place an order your Lehar Namkeen online. The best thing about Lehar Namkeen is that not only it adds zing to your tea time but can be consumed anywhere, anytime. In the market though, Namkeen consumption alone constitutes roughly 2.8 lakh tonne per annum. Of this, the branded namkeens market makes up a mere 25,000 tonne. Haldiram’s controls about half of this market.

Lehar is at No 2, while regional players account for whatever is left. By launching new variants such as mast masala and Tomato chilli Lehar has already captivated the hearts of its customers. Phenomenally successful Kurkure is another variant. Also for its packaging innovations in terms of hygiene, eye-catchiness and sizes, Lehar has already a trademark.
Lehar’s logic too is watertight. Unlike potato chips, namkeens have generally been associated with the family unit, not as a snack meant for individuals. And in the absence of small, easily disposable pack sizes, namkeens never really appealed to a lone consumer looking for a snack. If you bought a big packet of chips, you are likely to finish the whole lot but this is not the case in namkeens. Thus the ‘chota’ pack came into picture. Lehar was the first to get into small pack sizes of 35 gm. easily available and low price. Moreover you can choose your flavors and relish yourself. Lehar Namkeen is available in many tastes from aloo bhujia “Ab Lehar Aloo Bhujia, Mast Masala aur Tomato Chilli flavour mein.” to moong daal. ‘Thoda metha thoda Chatapata’ you can also have Lehar Kurkure. Sale! Sale! Sale! Online sale for Lehar Namkeen again gives you wide choices in comparatively low prices. So now whenever you yearn for namkeens, go for Lehar Namkeen.


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