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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you indulge in mindless shopping?

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Many sites offer suggestions about shopping more safely online on the company website. These suggestions include making sure the website is trustworthy before shopping on it, checking to see if there is a third party seal of approval on the website, and confirming the site uses encryption and is backed up with a padlock icon. Other tips may include checking to see that the company has a physical mailing address, a good return policy, and can safely process credit card information.

After getting used to it, online shopping can provide convenience, save time and money, and can be very safe for the consumer. Following online shopping advice is important before taking the plunge. Researching certain sites is helpful in making confident online purchases.

Some websites like will provide cost comparisons, assisting you in finding the lowest price for your request. Be aware, there have been reports of a few sites fixing their technology and returning incorrect results.

Once you have decided where you want to make your purchase, go through that website and look for policies defining warranties, refunds, returns, legal statements and privacy policies.

Warranties, where provided, will tell you what is covered and for what time period. It will also tell you who to contact if you need a replacement, a refund or a repair.
Be sure to read the refund and return policy. Will the website provide a refund? Can the item be returned to a retail outlet? Will there be a restocking fee?

Legal statements posted on the website will determine where legal proceedings are to be held. Assuming you are shopping in the United States, you may have to travel to pursue a complaint. If you are shopping outside of the United States, be sure to know who you are shopping with.

A privacy statement may surprise you. Read it carefully. Many companies feel free to sell your personal information or add you to multiple email lists. By using their website, you give them permission to hand out your email address and possibly your physical address and phone number.

When you are making a purchase, try to limit the amount of personal information you give out. Never give out your passwords. And finally, be sure to keep a paper trail. Print out the seller’s contact information, a copy of your receipt, a page describing the item you ordered, and the email confirming the order.

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