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Monday, May 14, 2012

With Online Shopping No More Feet Shuffling On Roads And Stores

Online Shopping

Gone are the days when computer was a rare entity. Today, even the kindergarten going kids are enough computers literate to use and play with them. Along with advancement of computers and its technologies, internet has also paved its way to become an integral part of our lives. Reducing the efforts and time involved in almost every possible task, internet has blessed the life of human being. Internet has also endowed us with a concept of online buying that has massively helped us to utilize the time spend in running and waiting around the stores in some productive work.

Online purchase of products is about “so much convenience”. It eradicates the need of going through the congested streets as well as the minus of limited product availability at the bricks and mortars shop due to space constraints. Malls and modern shopping complexes do offer plentiful of brands and products to choose from, still, are no match to online buying in terms of product availability. Adding to the convenience, it keeps the consumer away from the buzzing traffic, parking problem and above all the tiring wait in the long queue of billing counters.

Online purchase is also about ‘fun and excitement’. Shopaholics from all walks of life can extend their shopping without digging a hole into their wallet by the exciting offers, deals and discounts provided by the online store. One must break the myth that the similar product offered with great discounts as compared to the physical store is not up to the mark. The margin that falls into the customer kitty is created from the cost cutting of establishing and maintenance of physical location, retail manpower and others. Hence, one can grab and enjoy the deals and discounts to buy online even the expensive products of high street brands.

Even if a revolutionizing concept, it has a slow adoption rate as many shoppers are still reluctant to buy online products due to its lack of touch and feel experience. Quality concerns have perhaps been the most significant obstacle to the growth of this type of online purchase. Another myth that hurdles the growth of online shopping is regarding the confidentiality related with the monetary transaction procedures used by the stores. Delivery slot is also a significant downside attached with the online purchase of products and services offered from the global merchandisers.

With time, online buying is improving its capability, capacity and other aspects that have helped it in increasing the consumers each passing day. Further, with the raising competition and inclination of consumer towards online market, these stores follow policies that are customer oriented. Keeping a strict tab on the quality of the products they are selling, these online stores also monitor about the delivery schedules to retain the trust and confidence of the customers. Furthermore, the implementation of improvised technology has made monetary transactions easy and secure.

Giving plethora of choices in any segment, online shopping gives relief to every people who are blessed with enough money but not with time.


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