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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

List of Online Grocery Shopping companies

Online shopping trends are high in India. Many Indian Retail organizations went online, and not just online, they started e-commerce channel to increase their revenues and beating competition. Companies are targeting the low hanging fruit like selling Electronics Items, Mobile, Books, Perfumes, shoes, etc.

But selling grocery online and making margin requires lot of efforts. First of all, it falls under perishable goods category and secondly, managing day to day operations, Inventory, supply chain management, customer satisfaction is another challenging task. Having said that many online retail grocery stores have been started in India.

Here is the list: (Operate only in Southern India) (Only in Bangalore South)

Please comment if you know any other retail online grocery shop.


Gaurav Kumar said...

Online shopping in India has offered great business potential to Indian companies because they are able to increase their customer base by many notches.

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