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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Purchasing Online Horlicks has Provided Both Better Health and Convenience

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Horlicks is a name that is entwined with the childhood memories of many of us. It is the only saver of every child from the punishment of drinking full glass of milk early in the morning before school or after hard evening’s play. Additionally, it gives the mother a mental peace that their child is not deficient of any nutrition in its growing age. Feeding to children in their growing age is from always a troublesome affair as children’s become very selective and prefers unhealthy food. Thanks to Horlicks whose balanced ingredients provides every essential nutrient to the body and rejuvenate it.

A malted milk hot drink, Horlicks was invented by world’s recognized organization GlaxoSmithKlin that is engaged in improving the quality of human life since its establishment. From its early days’ preperation as an artificial infant food till today, it has undergone numerous transformations to avoid its stagnation. With its ever changing flavour and delectable taste, this nutritious drink has tickled the taste buds of children in various countries including India, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Jamaica. Not only its worldwide presence, Horlicks has also gained popularity among people of all age group and has become a family nourisher.

Established as a famed brand today, Horlicks underwent a revamp in the year 2003 with the introduction of different flavours like Vanilla, Toffee, Elaichi and Chocolate to satisfy the discerning palate. Going ahead the brand introduced different variants Junior Horlicks, Mother’s Horlicks, and Horlicks Lite to specifically meet the nutritional requirement of varying consumer segment. Hence, when going to buy horlicks for children, one can also buy mother horlicks or horlicks lite for their better health. Ranked as “Most Trusted Drinks Brand” modern days Horlicks is a perfect blend of great taste and nourishment.

With a transition in product life, shopping has also seen a drastic change in itself. Today shopping has attended a new meaning with the advent of information technology and its easy accessibility. Gone are the days, when one has to walk for a long to simply buy horlicks or such small stuff for themselves. With just a click of mouse button, on can buy horlicks or any other products with utmost ease. Buying horlicks online provides a worldwide reach with huge choice selection as compared to traditional grocery shopping. One has the accessibility to chose and buy horlicks simply or buy mother horlicks another variant with either of the flavours like vanilla or chocolate horlicks online in preferred packaging.

Sometimes one can also find good deals from stores while buying horlicks online. But one has to be careful while buying horlicks online, as there are stores which can add unpleasant experience to even simple shopping of day to day life product. Hence, it is important for every shopper to carefully check each and every detail provided by the online store. Even if purchasing online horlicks gives the convenience of receiving the product at the doorstep without leaving the house, one has to avoid possibilities of receiving a waste product.

Gaining the mouth popularity, these stores are ranked and reviewed by consumers which tells the about their authentication and other benefits offered. Going through the catalogue of an authentic store, one can purchase online horlicks and improve their daily nutrition intake. With this fast paced life purchasing online horlicks has aided people in getting better health, higher energy, more strength and fit body with the click of their finger.

Offers 'pleasurable nourishment' with a delicious range of flavours including Vanilla, Toffee, Elaichi and Chocolate.

Favourite with both mothers for its nourishment and kids for its great taste and variety.

Scientifically developed and specifically caters to the nutritional needs of the Indian diet.

Meet the requirements of essential nutrients in children, such as iron and vitamins that aid iron absorption

Research shows that these nutrients are very important for school age children for their attention, concentration and memory as well as their physical performance and growth.

Clinically proven* in India, to make kids taller, stronger and sharper.

Horlicks was first invented to substitute milk as baby food


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