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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Honey - A Sweet Bless of Nature for Mankind

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A nature’s endowment, honey has its significance in both culinary as well as medicinal segments. Going back to the history, it is also used for moisturizing the skin and adding the fairer radiant glow apart from a home remedy for common ailments. Prepared by bees from flowers’ nectar, this beautifully golden syrup serves as a supplement, rejuvenator, energy provider and immunity booster. Moreover, honey is a natural sweetener that provides fuel to the working muscles and has relatively mild effects on blood sugar compared to other carbohydrate sources.

A sweet liquid, honey shows amazing results if used in its right variant. Floral source, blended, polyfloral, monofloral and honeydew are some of the commonly known variants of honey classified by its floral source. The classification is also done on the basis of processing and packaging of the honey. From comb to pasteurized to filtered, honey provides numerous health benefits to its user. Moreover, it also finds its use in the religious ceremonies and considered as one of the five elixirs of immortality in Hinduism.

One of the convenient ways to buy honey of suitable variant that is best for you and your family is through the online stores. These stores have their catalogues with proper classification based on the type of floral nectar from which honey is extracted, blending and others. From the gigantic market of online stores, one can also buy honey in its raw form that retains all its antibacterial, antiseptic, anti fungal and antibiotic properties. Raw honey is a form that is not heated, not blended, not strained and unprocessed containing some pollen and wax in it.

From low street retailer to high street merchandiser like Dabur, one can buy honey of any variant from these stores. Dabur is a leading and established brand in Indian Food industry that has helped every household to imbibe the goodness of nature in the form of their different products in people’s day-to-day life. Among all its offerings, dabur honey is one such product that helps people to reap health benefits from it. Stringently processed under the strict quality norms, dabur honey is selectively sourced from only the authentic vendors of Himalayas, Nilgiris and Sunderban forests. Confirming with all statutory requirements of Agmark, PFA and other food industry standards, dabur honey is hygienically processed and stored without human touch.

Ranked as the best buy of stores, dabur honey has provided numerous health benefits to people of all walks of life while adding natural sweetness to their life. With the influx of information technology and its easy accessibility, one can quickly and conveniently buy honey online that is just right for itself. Buying online dabur honey gives the freedom from limited variant grocery store purchasing and lesser packaging options. Additionally, by buying online dabur honey, one also gets the facility of receiving the products at their doorstep. With just a click of their mouse, one can explore various variants of the brand available and select the best suitable one. These stores have added to the convenience to shop without leaving the comfort of the home.

To remain at the forefront, some of the online stores also follow unethical practices. Attracting the shoppers with tricky details, some of these stores prompt shoppers to make impulsive decision and buy honey variant that is just wasteful. Hence, it is paramount to check the authenticity of the store and different policies followed by the retailer so as to buy online dabur honey that is pure and 100% natural.


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