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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buy Christmas Food Online

Buy Christmas Food Online
Christmas has always been a festive occasion where everyone is expected to prepare food for Christmas Eve or for the day itself. Many believe that Christmas is a season for good food to be shared by the family. There are actually some foods that have been identified with the season. One of which is a Christmas fruit cake.

The fruit cakes have come from a long line of change and improvement that has experienced political and economic changes. It went from being called plum porridge to Christmas pudding (with the addition of many other spices) and then it was called Christmas cake. By the late 18th century, fruit cakes were exclusively made for special occasions. Another common food during the Christmas season is candy canes. These are actually made from sugar, water, corn syrup, Peppermint flavoring, red food color and cream of tartar. There are actually some stories that surround this. These canes also underwent some changes as time passes by.

Candy canes used to be a plain white candy stick which is given to the children while they are attending service. This of course would keep them quiet throughout the service. Then, it was shaped into a cane and eventually had stripes by the end of 19th century up to the 20th. In some unconfirmed accounts, they say that one candy maker made this candy with symbols in mind.

The candy canes were white at first for the purity of Jesus, the red stripes were for the pain he encountered. While the bent at the end means likens it to shepherd’s staff, which says that Jesus is a shepherd of all men. Then the inverted cane is the letter J, for Jesus. There are some other foods that may bring Christmas spirit every time you see it. This should not only remind us of the season alone but also of the meaning of it.

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